December 24, 2010

ouh, the tension starts tomorrow..

well, there is a good news and a bad news for me.. the good news is, i will have my own motorcycle license. wah! almost did not believed this. i can't believed it actually came from my father's mouth, couple of days before. well, since you already know the best part, *(act, only for me,, haha) then here comes the bad news. the bad news is i REALLY do not prepare anything about this. maybe i can ride a motorcycle but when the days to having my license comes, i surely become more nervous and nervous. and that will starts tomorrow. yeah! i haven't  face these before. i swear to god that these thing will be really hard for me. arghh! there are so many things that i have to pass. the computer test that i have to get 42 marks or more, the test to get the 'L' license and lastly and also the worst part is, i will have to pass the 'JPJ' test to complete them all by having the 'P' license. well the other factor is, TIME. the 1st day, that is tomorrow, i will burn my ears and eyes by having a good lecture on the license test, for 6 damn HOURS! then two or three days later, i will take part in a computer test, also will take a long time but i really don't sure how long that it gonna take.

(act, not done finishing this post but who cares? haha)

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