December 19, 2010

dear dear homeworks

                                                                                                                                61 Jalan Rumbia 28
                                                                                                                                Taman Daya
                                                                                                                                Johor Bahru
                                                                                                                                19 December 2010

Dear Homework,

I know how really important you are to me. but why do you always come at the wrong time? you always come to me when i want to enjoy my school holidays. then, you put me on a lot of pressure. why must you do such things to me? are you insane? everybody in the universe always want to enjoy themselves. and why must you exist? please. let me free. until then, when i failed to pass you at my teachers on time, they will stare at me and say like this..

dear teacher, sorry! i did not meant to.. ouh good, yeah, my homework is not done yet. but before you do anything to me, have you read that sign?

and then i will join the others who not pass their homeworks to. we will sit together in a very 'peaceful' place in the school, outside our class..

so how do i suppose to do to avoid all of these? yeah, there nothing else. find a pen, sit on a study table and face you with a full of patient.

ouh God.. come on! how longer that these will take? forever? i've been to school for almost 13 year. is this that i will face every single year? how could you. but otherwise, sometimes i feel very thankful to god because i have a perfect and suitable school for me. i just hope my school to stay 'old school' and not will become something like other school.

wtf? what kind of jerk you are? haha, your school sucks!


ps : after you done reading this letter, can you just,, err.. just get away from my life :)